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Saved Stories – 1. Trump
Now we know why Donald Trump wanted North Korea distraction: the FBI has raided Paul Manaforts home
Fact-checking Donald Trump’s misleading tweet about US nuclear arsenal – PolitiFact
Trump friend Roger Stone blasts Robert Mueller for Russia probe – Palm Beach Post (blog)
Hours after FBI raided Paul Manaforts home, Donald Trump began ranting about the FBI on Twitter
1 in 4 say Trump acted illegally with Russia: poll – The Hill
The US sanctioned a ‘smooth as butter’ cartel operator and a Mexican soccer star allegedly working with him – Business Insider
Donald Trump is so desperate to distract from Paul Manafort bombshell, hes attacking Mitch McConnell
Russian spy plane trolls Trump – Politico
Russian intelligence-gathering aircraft flies over Washington: report – The Hill
Trump Clearly Has No Clue How to Stop the Opioid Epidemic – Fortune
Will President Trump implement new sanctions against Russia? – Hurriyet Daily News
Saddam Hussein’s lesson for Trump – CNN
President Trump and His Team Send Mixed Signals on North Korea Threat – TIME
Why Do We Entertain The Idea Of Entertainers Running For Office? – Newsy
Senate panel gets more details about Trump Tower meeting, reviews Comey memos – Gant Daily
FBI conducted predawn raid of former Trump campaign chairman Manafort’s home – Washington Post
AP News in Brief at 6:04 pm EDT – Washington Post
Are the US and Russia on a Collision Course? –
FBI agents searched former Trump campaign chair’s home – The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
Michael Cohen Owes NY More Than $40K In Unpaid Taxes From His Taxi Biz – TPM
felix sater – Google News: Michael Cohen Owes NY More Than $40K In Unpaid Taxes On His Taxi Biz – TPM
Stocks Fall on Trump’s North Korea Warning; Dollar Up After Data – New York Times
As Mueller investigation intensifies, Trump unleashes angry rant on Russia probe – ThinkProgress
Trump threatens North Korea with fire and fury video
Fragile baby Donald Trump requires a daily briefing of compliments – A.V. Club

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