Political marketing, psychotronic weapons, and Putin’s Pro-Trump Operation – by Michael Novakhov

  • “We don’t know what these Facebook ads looked like, we don’t know who they were targeting, and we don’t know how many millions of Americans may have been exposed to them.”

(From: Putin’s Pro-Trump Operation May Have Been Far Bigger Than We Yet Know – Did the Kremlin help make Trump the “first Facebook president”? – by BILL BUZENBERG – SEP 20, 2017)

And we have to know the answers to these and many other questions. 

If it is convincingly demonstrated that the extent of this problem is significant enough to affect the outcome of the elections (and that’s how it looks in key, “swing” states now), and the hostile foreign power was behind it, then the legitimacy of elections should and will be questioned and legally challenged, which may lead to their annulment and the new substitute elections. 

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If “Russia used Facebook to organize racist rallies to help Trump”, why can’t we venture a mental step further and assume that the increase in the incidents of mass shootings, aggression against the police, incidents  with the racial overtones, transportation accidents, all of which demonstrate the clear statistical “pre-election bumps” (hikes, increases), in 2008, and in 2012, and in 2016, were inspired, and/or conducted by the same actors, and with the same goal: to “elect” their candidate, which in 2016 apparently was Trump. Did we look into it?

The answer, (that all these listed phenomena are the hypothetical parts of the operational whole) is clear to me, on the basis of the daily monitoring of the press reports on these subject in 2015 and 2016. Compile and analyze the statistics, and I think, you might get the same or the very similar impression. See also posts on this subject in my blogs. It is interesting to note, that this opinion, regarding the presence of the signs of the foreign interference in the elections prior to 2016, (although not necessarily with the same range of agreed upon details and analysis, and independently arrived at), coincides completely with the one of Mike Pompeo who surely is very well informed on this subject. CIA Director Mike Pompeo: ‘Of course’ Russia interfered in the 2016 election, ‘and the one before that… I am confident that the Russians meddled in this election, as is the entire intelligence community,” Pompeo said, appearing agitated at the skepticism towards his previous answer. “I hope I didn’t stop at 2008 [for when he says Russian began interfering in U.S. elections]. You can go back to the 70s. My point was simply this: This threat is real. The U.S. government, including the Central Intelligence Agency, has to figure out a way to fight back against it and defeat it. And we’re intent upon doing that.” 

There must be a much broader group of people who share more or less the same impressions and the same opinion: the foreign interference in the US elections is a long-standing phenomenon, and especially malignant from 1950-s, on a post-WW2 wave. 

What we need now, is not just the impressions and opinions, but more or less definitive studies, including the high-quality statistical ones, on this very important and forward-looking subject, and also, of course, the strategic thinking and the strategic planning. 

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These issues, described above, might not be under the direct purview of Mr. Mueller’s Investigation. Clearly, they are enormously important, and we also have to consider our common, human, and understandable reluctance to look into this moral and the political abyss.

However, we have to do this: to investigate these hypothetical connections with the utmost thoroughness and depth, the wellbeing of this nation depends on it. I think, in my, as always, very humble and the non-specialist opinion, that the DOJ and the FBI have to either establish a separate investigation into these matters or to broaden the scope and the mandate of Mr. Mueller’s investigation.

 This article below, which just came to light, about the very unusual FBI’s severe underreporting of their informants’ “Otherwise Illegal Activity” in the election year of 2016, might or might not have something to do with this. I think, that most likely it does. 

The whole issue of the FBI recordkeeping, statistical and other reports, and other aspects of the paperwork comes into focus: they simply do not always and necessarily keep the records: it is so much easier and so convenient for them: no accountability, no outsider will be able to learn about their crimes. 

This has to end. 

Investigate the Investigators! Save America! Reform the FBI!

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Presently I see two aspects in the specifics of Trump’s campaign use of social media:

1) use of business principles of marketing, “political marketing”, or marketing of “Trump for President” as business product, and

2) possible use of the “psychotronic weapons” techniques (in targeted advertising for voters), which might be rooted in the concepts and practices of the Soviet, and later Russian Military Intelligence. 

Both aspects deserve further attention and elaboration. 

The old adage may apply to the elections process: “People choose to hear what they want to hear.” Voters make their decisions on the basis of identification with the parties, cause or leaders.

For example, the so-called “Voters of moderate expectations”  are not emotional but rational choosers. They “shop” for their parties and candidates: “They do their homework, put things to the reasonableness test, and decide who will get their votes.”

“Trump supporters are of two principal types: right wing populists and Republican diehards. The right wing populist types can be characterized as “low information voters.” In other words, it is their (political) ignorance that is been exploited.

Trump channeled their anger and gave it his voice. He was thinking thoughts and saying things that they wanted to say in the way that they wanted them said. In other words, they are a flock of sheep, who are not able to but want to be the rebels -wolves, they identify with the aggressive leader as their ideal, embodying the traits that they lack. It reminds the histories of the fanatical adoration of “Fuhrer” or Stalin’s “personality cult”. “Voters who still score high on authority/loyalty/sanctity and low on care… are significantly more likely to vote for Donald Trump. These are the true authoritarians…”

To summarize and put these statistics in a simple form: Trump supporters are more of the racists.
“The supporters labeled “Republican diehards” fall into the High Anxiety category. When asked how they can do a complete turnabout and support Donald Trump rather than their earlier and much more preferred choices, their usual retort is, “Anyone but Hillary.” This is because they viewed her as a part and extension of the Obama administration, which they blamed for all their (personal and other) problems and troubles, fairly and justifiably, or, much more likely – not. This is the psychosocial mechanism of “scapegoating”.

Apparently, “political psychographics” were adopted from the economic ones – from the market research. This circumstance might be an illustration of how Trump views his voters and his electorate: simply as the political market which has to be penetrated and conquered. This is a business approach to politics: the voters are simply the consumers who have to be persuaded and manipulated into buying this product, which is “Trump for President”.

Trump wanted to sell this product the same way he sells his real estate and his own TV personality. He wanted to learn about the ways to market this product the same way any other market is researched and studied. He views himself as a business product. The flip side of this coin is that he views other people in his personal and political life as the products too: they can be bought and manipulated. His is a cold and lonely world, indeed.

Trumpism is the apex of the business mentality and business power in America. He views America as his next business venture and intends to manage it accordingly: as the USA, Inc.
The soul is gone. The truth is gone. The humanity is gone. The essence of our nature is gone. The economic “consumer society” will accomplish its historical “merger and acquisition”, conquer everything and everyone else and will be transformed into the totalitarian political “consumer society”.

With all this, I do not intend to demonize Trump personally at all. He does have a considerable personal charm and even has what looks like sincerity, and even comes across as a rebellious and vulnerable child. In his seventies – analyze ZIS! But aren’t we all, and at any age? Our “inner child” never disappears and never grows up, it is our ontogenetic core.

Is Trump just a product of his (ruthless? soulless? mechanistic? primitively arithmetically calculating? and still ultimately enigmatic? and psychologically and sociologically misunderstood? and understudied?), the so-called “business world”, which can be viewed as the childishly predatory by its very nature?

The Information War “declared” against the U.S. in 2016, would be impossible without its “cyber” aspect. Based on the events of the past year, for all practical intents and purposes, it should be assumed, that all world, and first of all, the U.S. digital records are properly and completely penetrated and appropriated (accessed and stolen, to put it simply) by the hostile actors. Some of this data is combined with the data from the human sources into an integrated database. This might be a decisive factor in voters and elections manipulations: influence on candidate preferences and individual tailoring of the advertising on the social media. All, without exceptions, social media outlets, not just Facebook, should be examined for these operations. 

Most likely, all these aspects and facets, and the others, still hidden, are the parts of the single, concerted and well-coordinated effort and intelligence operation. 



Michael Novakhov


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