5:56 PM 10/7/2017 – Senate Intelligence Committee still investigating possible collusion between Trump campaign and Russia – USA TODAY


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5:56 PM 10/7/2017

Saved Stories – 1. Trump
Ivanka Trump throws Twitter tantrum as Congressman tries to get her security clearance revoked
Facebook ’embeds’ helped Trump win, campaign digital director tells ’60 Minutes’ – Stars and Stripes
3:17 PM 10/7/2017 At Least 11 Injured After Driver Crashes Car Into Pedestrians Near London History Museum New York Times
Organized crime a ‘viable threat to public safety’ in BC casinos: 2017 gov’t report – Ottawa Citizen
Ken Starr predicts indictments in Russia probe – The Hill (blog)
At Least 11 Injured After Driver Crashes Car Into Pedestrians Near London History Museum – New York Times
As the Threat of Nuclear War Grows, ‘the bomb’ Breaks the Silence – The Nation.
The Plan to Save Europe – The Atlantic
Repealing and replacing Obamacare ‘off the table’, says Chuck Schumer
Chuck Grassley is confused
Mike Pence Is Totally Down to Cooperate with Bob Mueller – Vanity Fair
White House legal defense fund close to launching – Politico
Nixon Lawyer: Donald Trump Abused Pardon Power When He Freed Joe Arpaio – TIME
Evidence Mounts that White House Anticipates Damaging Results from Russia Investigation – Just Security
‘Both sides are preparing for a possible showdown’: Mueller is delving into Trump’s pardon power – Business Insider
Exclusive: Russian-linked Facebook ads targeted Michigan and Wisconsin – CNN
How Ivanka Trump and Donald Trump, Jr., Avoided a Criminal Indictment – The New Yorker
Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr. Were Close to Being Charged With Felony Fraud – ProPublica
Trump loyalists lose patience with congressional Russia probes – Politico
Hill investigators to tell public what they’ve learned about Russia’s interference and what happens next – CNN
Furious Republicans are working hard to make Trump’s Russia scandal disappear – Washington Post
Russia Investigation: Tell-Tale Signs Trump Is Expecting the Worst – Newsweek
‘There are concerns we continue to pursue of collusion’: Top senators hint the Russia probe is heating up – Business Insider
The Trump administration has already been rolling back gun regulations – Washington Post