Michael Novakhov – SharedNewsLinks℠: Michael Novakhov: Investigate this criminal band of hooligans that calls itself “The Federation of Teachers of Puerto Rico”! Put them in prison! This is the Leftist Mafia!


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Michael Novakhov: Investigate this criminal band of hooligans that calls itself 

The Federation of Teachers of Puerto Rico! Put them in prison! This is the Leftist Mafia which is behind every shitty event in Puerto Rico. A bunch of animalistic nincompoops! 
No town or city on the mainland America would tolerate this lynching mob which declared their sentence before the trial. They are behind the manufactured charges and arrest of Julia Keleher. 


Investigate the criminal 
Leftist Political Mafia in Puerto Rico.
They have and operate their own private intelligence and special operations forces, the cyber forces among them. 
They are dangerous and they are the threat to the State and Law, which this Coup D’Etat proves so dramatically. 

This is the example of the Leftist Fascism in Puerto Rico, which shows its most disgusting, ugly face. 

Eradicate the Leftist Fascism in Puerto Rico! 

And the whole irony of this situation is that Puerto Rican Left is easily and cunningly used and exploited by the Trumpian Right which uses them as their “cat paws”

The FBI’s willingness to go along with these games is quite puzzling, to say the least. 

A demonstration against former education secretary Julia Keleher at the Jet Blue exit at Luis Muñoz Marín airport. (Ramón “Tonito” Zayas) 

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Julia Keleher se declara no culpable de los cargos federales en su …

El Nuevo Dia.comJul 16, 2019
La exsecretaria de Educación Julia Keleher se declaró no culpable en los siete cargos criminales en su contra tras llegar esta mañana hasta el …
Julia Keleher queda en libertad bajo fianza
InternationalDiario Metro de Puerto RicoJul 17, 2019



Julia Keleher pleads not guilty to federal charges against her

An avalanche of protesters was launched against the former secretary of Education upon arrival at the court

Tuesday, July 16, 2019 – 11:43 AM
Updated on: Tuesday, July 16, 2019 – 5:18 PM
By David Cordero Mercado

See how Julia Keleher returned to Puerto Rico
The former secretary of Education returned to the island to face federal justice after being accused of an alleged corruption scheme.
Former Secretary of Education Julia Keleher  pleaded not guilty in the seven criminal charges against her after arriving this morning at the federal court in Hato Rey, after she was charged by a federal grand jury.