6:00 AM 10/8/2017 – Uncovered Trump Organization Document Suggests Trump Really Was Putins Puppet Independent Journal Review

Saved Stories – Trump Investigations Report
Another connection has emerged between Donald Trump and Felix Sater: Trumps bodyguard, Gary Uher who was an FBI agent
12:20 PM 9/29/2017 Kazakh clan had deep ties to Trump orbit | McClatchy Washington Bureau
Watch ZEMBLA: The dubious friends of Donald Trump part 3: The billion dollar fraud.
2:17 PM 10/7/2017 Trump News Review Front Page: crime and terror link Google News: At Least 11 Injured After Driver Crashes Car Into Pedestrians Near London History Museum New York Times | trump and russia Google News: Ken Starr predicts indictments in Russia probe The Hill (blog)
4:56 AM 10/8/2017 Trump Ominously Tweets Only One Thing Will Work With North Korea
“*Amid talk of resignation, Donald Trump throws John Kelly under the bus in hacking scandal
Donald Trump silent as jobs report reveals hes severely screwed up the Obama economy
Rex Tillerson begins leaking dirt on Donald Trump
We told you John Kelly was on his way out the door
Donald Trump serves up an even more insane followup to his “calm before the storm” remark
Donald Trump and Melania Trump say theyre in prison
Moron. Dotard. Bum.
Donald Trump caught complaining that bribery is illegal
Trump Ominously Tweets ‘Only One Thing Will Work’ With North Korea
Trump Is Filling Court Seats With Anti-LGBTQ, Anti-Abortion Judges
Donald Trump gives away that he knows a major Trump-Russia bombshell is about to land
trump under federal investigation – Google News: Ken Starr on Russia: I expect indictments – CNN
Donald Trumps latest attempted feud reveals just how isolated and senile hes become
Trump – Google News: Trump’s ‘Band of Brothers’ stirs interest – The Hill
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