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Donald Trump’s fans like to point out that he’s an alumnus of the prestigious Wharton School, which gets held up as proof that he’s somehow a stable genius who was at least good enough to get a degree at U Penn’s business school, even if no one’s entirely sure what his grades were or exactly how much money he donated to Wharton after he graduated. The problem is that his relationship with the school hasn’t been the steadiest over the last year or so, with revelations that he largely got into Wharton because his brother Fred Jr. had a friend working in the admissions office, and another recent bombshell that Trump actually paid someone to take his SAT exam for him.


Things just got a bit more rocky between him and Wharton on Monday. Richard Prisinzano, who works as a policy analyst at the school, praised Joe Biden’s latest economic proposals, saying that his investments in healthcare, infrastructure and education are solid and would pay for themselves and create faster economic growth than what we have right now under the Trump administration and the 2017 tax cuts. The analysis also said they couldn’t do a similar comparison for what Trump proposes to do in a second term, because so far he’s offered no concrete plans.

Donald Trump has yet to respond, but there’s a strong likelihood that he’ll probably feel compelled to do so since his name is mentioned in the story – and he’ll potentially draw stronger attention to Biden’s economic proposals and their support from actual economists. We also know that a lawsuit determining the future of the Affordable Care Act will be taking place shortly after the election, and dismantling it could make the economic environment even less stable. These are all strong incentives for why we need to vote Donald Trump out of office by November 3.

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