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– There’s a pandemic, civil unrest, presidential election, Supreme Court nomination battle, large chunks of the country are literally on fire, and Senator Chuck Grassley has spent most of the day tweeting about a dead pigeon. Someone get this guy some professional help before it’s too late. Also, get him out of the Senate.

– Chuck Grassley isn’t the only one in need of professional help. During his speech on Saturday night, Donald Trump incoherently rambled about a planet called “Nars” and then went back and forth about whether he gave himself an “A plus” or a “D” for his handling of the pandemic. Somebody get this guy a straitjacket.

– Even more reason to vote Trump out: he’s promising to disappear forever if he loses.

– It’s cute that Trump supporters think harassing us outside polling places is somehow going to make us less likely to vote.


– Influential Senator Ed Markey and House Judiciary Chair Jerry Nader are both calling for expanding the Supreme Court if McConnell tries to rush through a confirmation. This is now a real thing. The Democrats are actually going to drop the hammer if McConnell gives them no choice.

– The election is ZERO days away. People are already voting in some states, in person and by mail. No matter where you live, now is the time to volunteer to phone bank in early voting states. Right now. Today. Turn off your TV and go win this thing right now!

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