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Richard Luscombe has news of worries in the Republican camp as the election approaches:

Ted Cruz raised eyebrows on Friday when he spoke of a possible election “bloodbath” for Republicans. On Sunday he repeated the warning, telling NBC’s Meet the Press that a “demoralized” electorate could deliver a Democratic clean sweep.

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An ABC News/Washington Post national poll released on Sunday shows that Joe Biden maintains a large lead over Donald Trump with just over three weeks until the presidential election.

Biden holds a lead of 54% to 42% among likely voters nationwide, which is a similar margin enjoyed by the Democratic challenger in recent months. Among registered voters, the lead is 53% to 41%. It should be noted that the poll is a reflection of the popular vote, rather than the state-by-state vote. The latter will determine the winner of the election and Hillary Clinton won the popular vote in 2016 but lost in crucial swing states, ensuring victory for Trump. Most state-by-state polls show Biden leading but the margins are smaller than in the national polls.

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Good morning and welcome to our live coverage of US politics for Sunday. Here’s a summary of events from the weekend so far:

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