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Democrats in the Senate are holding the floor all night long in Washington to protest the imminent confirmation of judge Amy Coney Barrett to the supreme court.

The Democrats don’t have the numbers to stop the confirmation, but their refusal to leave the floor on the eve of the vote is meant to register the strength of their protest to the Republican decision to ram a supreme court appointment through during an election, at a time when the senate has been otherwise shut down from coronavirus.

Senate Democrats are taking over the floor all night to fight this sham process by Senate Republicans.

We will not stop fighting.

Yes, we fight to the end. No hyperbole – it’s life or death stakes.@brianschatz and I have the graveyard shift overnight on the Senate floor. If you’re up between 2 and 5 a.m. tune in.

Here again is a link to the interview with Donald Trump published on Sunday by 60 Minutes, an institution in US television news known for editorial balance and seriousness of purpose. Significantly, the program also reaches millions of older voters, who overwhelmingly supported Trump in 2016 but who appear to be splitting their vote this year between the candidates.

In this clip, via Vox’s Aaron Rupar, Trump whines about the difficulty level of the questions he is being confronted with, after interviewer Lesley Stahl refuses to endorse one of his conspiracy theories about the Russia investigation.

I don’t understand how anyone can watch this and draw any conclusion other than Trump is completely unfit for his job

Hello and welcome to our round-the-clock coverage as the 2020 US election enters its final lap. Only eight days to go.

On Sunday, the number of early voters in the election surpassed 58m, the number who voted early in 2016. That means the 2020 election will mark the first time in history that more than half of the overall US vote was cast early.

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1. Trump from Michael_Novakhov (197 sites)