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Palmer Report has spent the past four years working to expose Donald Trump’s scandals, defuse his false narratives, call out his corruption, and strategize how to defeat him. Now Trump has lost the election, just like we said all along that he would. So what is Palmer Report going to do now?

We’re going to do this in two phases. For now, until Trump is out of office, we’re going to continue documenting his scandals and corruption as a way of keeping a check on him. We will not be covering his nonsensical tweets about election rigging fantasies, because he’s not going to get anywhere with that anyway. We may, however, cover any false information that Trump tries to tweet about the coronavirus vaccine, if there’s a need to help shoot it down. But the point is that Trump isn’t in the driver’s seat anymore. He’s on defense now, and he’ll be on defense for the remainder of his term.

As the transition period goes on, you’ll gradually see more stories on Palmer Report about President-elect Biden and the Georgia Senate runoff races, and fewer stories about Donald Trump. Whenever we do publish an article about Trump, most of the time it will be accompanied with a photo of Trump with prison bars superimposed over him. This isn’t meant to be cheeky. We simply think it’s important to keep reminding everyone that Trump is in fact facing prison and bankruptcy once he leaves office, and that his actions during the transition period will be based on that particular motivation, regardless of what’s coming out of his mouth. If and when the mainstream media finally starts properly talking about the fact that Trump is going to prison, we may stop using the prison bar photos of him.

Once Joe Biden takes office, Palmer Report’s approach will shift further. Donald Trump will cease to be relevant as a political figure at all. Our only coverage of him at that point will be when there are developments in his criminal scandals, criminal trials, or litigation. We believe it’s crucial that Trump and his co-conspirators be made to answer for their crimes. But apart from that, Trump will no longer be relevant to politics – even if he does quickly launch an imaginary 2024 campaign so he can continue fundraising money.


During the President Biden era, Palmer Report’s focus will be on what we’d like it to have been on all along: covering a normal presidency. At that point we’ll be able to focus more on the issues, such as social justice, economic reform, you name it. It’ll be amazing how much time we can spend focusing on these important things when we don’t have to spend every day trying to fend off a deranged criminal President who’s trying to kill us all. The 2022 midterms will also be crucial for obvious reasons.

These editorial plans may change depending on how the political landscape ends up playing out, but this is what we’re going with for now. After the damage that’s been done over the past four years, and the explosion in political activism that’s resulted, we think it’ll be at least as important to pay attention to politics during the upcoming Biden-Harris era as it was during the Trump era. After four long hard years of trying to keep the nation together, we’re finally about to turn the corner and have the opportunity to make things better, instead of merely trying to keep them from getting worse. We’re looking forward to it, and we hope you’ll continue on the journey with us in the Biden-Harris era.

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