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1. Trump from Michael_Novakhov (197 sites): Palmer Report: Team Trump falls to pieces as Donald Trump checks out

The thing about leaders – even villainous leaders or crime bosses – is that they’ve got to give their people guidance and direction. Otherwise, the underlings end up merely guessing what the leader wants them to do, or they use the vacuum to carry out their own personal agenda instead.

Apart from periodic tweets and the occasional hostage video insisting that the election was rigged against him, Donald Trump has largely checked out. Not only is he failing to give his people much guidance in public, he’s apparently also failing to give them guidance behind the scenes either.

As a result of Trump’s total lack of leadership, his sidekick Rudy Giuliani is out there touting a star witness who claims without evidence that the election was hacked, yet apparently has a criminal record of her own involving computer crimes. Trump has sat back while Giuliani and Jenna Ellis fired Sidney Powell from the team, but now it turns out Ellis may not even be a practicing lawyer. Meanwhile Powell is still filing suits that may or may not be on Trump’s behalf, and today she mistakenly claimed that the voting machines gave Biden’s votes to Trump. She can’t even get her lies right.


Meanwhile Powell and another Trump lawyer named Lin Wood are busy telling Republicans not to bother voting at all in the Georgia runoffs, even as Trump stooge Dan Crenshaw attacks Wood for it, and Trump stooge Michelle Malkin attacks Crenshaw for attacking Wood. Trump seems to think he’s holding a rally in Georgia on Saturday. At this point it’s anyone’s guess whether he even shows up, let alone what he says to voters. For all anyone knows, he could go into a snit and tell rally goers not to vote. It’s total chaos.

We were expecting a leadership vacuum, infighting, backbiting, and pandemonium within the Republican Party once Donald Trump was gone from office. But with Trump having largely checked out already, we’re seeing that pandemonium playing out now. It wouldn’t matter so much if the Georgia runoffs weren’t so important. It gives the Democrats a real opportunity to seize control of the Senate, if they put in the work required to win.

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1. Trump from Michael_Novakhov (197 sites)