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When you call Trump a “dictator” or “authoritarian” you’re announcing that he’s won. You’re telling everyone on your side that there’s no reason to keep fighting against him. This kind of talk is incredibly harmful to our side – and it’s particularly bizarre now that we’ve won and Trump’s life is over.

It’s time for us to get out of a victim mentality. It’s always made it more difficult for us to fight and win. And again, we won, so why on earth would “Trump is trying to be a dictator” be our message at this point? That goes for what’s left of the Republican Party as well.


Are any of you under the illusion that “GOP is creating a dictatorship” is somehow an effective message for rallying the troops, or for getting the people in the middle on board with our fight? That kind of messaging is how you lose. It’s what you say you if want sympathy for having lost, not if you’re trying to win. Our side is incredibly bad at messaging, and this “dictator” narrative is one of our least effective approaches.

Doesn’t matter if Trump really was trying to become a “dictator” or not. You don’t hand him that kind of leverage by associating him with a word that by definition means he’s won and we’ve been defeated. You’ll never win over a single voter by talking like that. This is about us winning. We defeated Trump in the end by accurately painting him as massively incompetent and negligent, which resonated with voters. Let’s keep that in mind when it comes to taking down the rest of the Republican Party.

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1. Trump from Michael_Novakhov (197 sites)