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Michael Novakhov’s favorite articles on Inoreader: Macron Working with China on ‘Secret Plan’ for Peace in Ukraine: Reports


French President Macron is reportedly working on a ‘secret plan’ with Communist China to craft a peace deal between Russia and Ukraine. 19 Apr 2023 French President Emmanuel Macron is reportedly actively working on a “secret plan” with Communist China to attempt to broker a peace deal by the summer between Russia and Ukraine.

French sources speaking to Bloomberg have revealed that Emmanuel Macron, who recently travelled to Guangdong to hold talks with Chinese dictator Xi Jinping, has apparently tasked top diplomats from Paris to engage with Beijing in crafting a deal to end the war in Ukraine.

According to the report , the Elysée believes that such a deal could possibly be struck by the summer should certain conditions be met, namely that Kyiv succeeds in its Spring counter-offensive to such a degree that the Zelensky government would be able to come to the table with Vladimir Putin from a position of strength.

An official from Macron’s office reportedly told the news outlet that the French president has tapped his foreign policy advisor Emmanuel Bonne to work alongside the CCP’s top diplomat, Wang Yi, to begin crafting a potential peace framework.


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Anything to make little napoleon feel Important Not gonna happen! Not on my watch! No, it’s not because of this merde tyrant. If the peace talks get started it’s due to President Xi and is diplomats. ‘ttthat’s right little French boy, come closer to my van.’ – Xi Jinping Again? Well you don’t want peace because you are taking advantage on it. But it cannot last, war is not the solution we need diplomacy

If only we had a billion slaves imagine what we could accomplish

Many French Tune Out Emmanuel Macron’s TV Address on Pension OverhaulAs Emmanuel Macron spoke from the Élysée Palace about the need to raise the retirement age, thousands of people poured into public squares across France for noisy protests intended to drown out the head of state Time to go full Sri Lanka. Didn’t these guys see what Greece went through? And their pension age was 55. Other option is to jack taxes to cover the shortfall, and that can’t be good either. How many?

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Explainer: Macron pension reform ends cherished French exceptionFrench President Emmanuel Macron may have pushed through his unpopular pension reform but only at great cost to his political capital, which he is now seeking to repair by offering talks with trade unions on other issues. Macron did the financially reasonable thing. Life expectancy is getting longer. If they want they should be able to contribute more in order to retire early, they cannot realistically expect the government to cover everything. Lazy french

Apple-Cinnamon Bostock (The Ultimate French Toast)This French classic is the happy lovechild of French toast and an almond croissant. Ooh looks delicious!

G-7 Countries Claim Unity on China After Macron CommentsThe Group of Seven industrialized democracies sought to show a unified front on China after recent comments by French President Emmanuel Macron that the European Union shouldn’t follow Washington’s lead on the issue of Taiwan If we go into Taiwan we are on our own. French Macron visits Russia Russia attacks Ukraine, French Macron visits China what do you know will happen. French coward Czechoslovakian solution, delay until it is to late for France and this time everyone else. Taiwan is the real China

G-7 stresses unity on China following unease over Macron’s commentsLeading democracies downplayed their differences at a meeting in Japan after France’s president revealed concerns about getting dragged into a war over Taiwan. Paywall. Even though I subscribe. I refuse to have to sign in every time I want to read an article. China dictator grabs Taiwan, you know that all conductors, computer and phone parts and many other technologies come from there. Wonder how that will affect the wealthy countries won’t stop there either. A revealing picture of divided West!

China celebrates Macron as U.S. and Europe fret over divisionsFrench President Macron has been criticized in the West for suggesting that Europe should resist being drawn into a conflict over Taiwan and focus on “strategic autonomy.” But in China, Macron has been celebrated. Well no shit But we can finance a conflict in their backyard? Ok. This is why we should stop financing Ukraine. Its Europe’s problem and they have this same attitude towards us.

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